My Wife Thought I was Dead

About three weeks ago, at 4 am, my wife heard a noise in the bathroom. When she went to check it out and found me in a semi-conscious state. I had fallen against the wall and cut my head. I couldn’t speak. I was swaying back and forth. She guided me down to the floor where I passed out. I was lifeless except for my left arm, which was twitching.

She called 911, worried that they wouldn’t get to me fast enough. By the time the paramedics came, I was conscious, but then a few minutes later,  I started slipping into unconsciousness.  I  thought I was dying.  (It was a helpless yet peaceful experience.) The paramedics were doing what they could to get my pulse up — it was down to 25 bpm and my blood pressure had dropped to 40 over 20. They loaded me into the ambulance and started an IV drip. I started to come around. By the time I got to the hospital, my vital signs had returned to normal.

I was in the hospital about 36 hours, under observation, while various tests were administered. When I was discharged, I was given the diagnosis of  syncope/bradycardia ( a slow heartbeat). The doctor said he didn’t think it would happen again. All of the tests — the EKG, the x-ray, the blood test, the stool test, the 36-hour heart monitor —  showed everything was normal. I didn’t even need a prescription.

So what happened?

For about three weeks I had been suffering from flu-like symptoms. This had made me weak. I had diarrhea that was made much worse from an anti-biotic. I wasn’t sleeping well and to help with sleep, I was taking too much magnesium. But the number one contributing factor was that I had been taking an herbal formula that consisted of 30 herbs — many that I was familiar with and some that I was not. Although this formula had helped me in the past,  this time I wasn’t getting better so I ended up taking it for an extended period of time, and  the directions said  to take it every three hours during an imbalance. Little did I know that it would cause the biggest imbalance in my life.

Fortunately, in the hospital, I didn’t have access to this herbal product, and by the time I had returned home from the hospital, I was no longer dizzy. But after I came home I started taking this herbal formula again, the dizziness returned. Coincidence? Nope. I stopped taking the formula, and the dizziness went away.

So I had discovered the culprit that caused me end up in the hospital. Well, not exactly. There are 30 herbs in that formula. Perhaps only one caused the adverse effect.

The next time I get a flu, I will stick to just olive leaf, and maybe  goldenseal.  And a lot of vitamin C, water, and rest.



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  1. Ron Greenstein
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    Hi, Brother Greg,
    I am glad to hear about your recovery following your “wakeup call.” Glad you were able to figure out the herbal mixture was the culprit. I seems reasonable to me that if one takes that many different herbs at one time, at least one will cause a negative side affect. More is not necessarily better when it comes to concoctions.
    I am most to see you writing on this excellent site again.

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