More Than Skin Deep

When we live life more than skin deep, with all of our heart, beautiful things happen. Years and years ago, in Cincinnati, Ohio, I was the only white musician in what was otherwise a 10 piece black band. And we played at nightclubs that had all black clientele. But the fact that I was white was as insignificant as an unnoticed accident. My consciousness wasn’t focused on being white. It was focused on music. The consciousness of the band was focused on music–not on being black. The issue about my skin color never came up. We were doing what we loved, and we loved what we were doing.

Only once, and far from the stage, did someone pay it any attention. I heard him yell out, “Hey, look at the sax player.” And I guess then some people noticed that I was white. But the people who were enjoying the music never paid it any attention. They came for the music, not to look at skin color. The music was the end result, and ultimately, all that mattered.

I subscribe to the belief that what we perceive is a reflection of what we are. If our consciousness is saturated with love, then we will see love manifesting everywhere we go. If our consciousness is saturated with hate, then we will see more and more reasons in the world to go on hating.

The state of consciousness creates an energy field that attracts conditions that are expressions of the consciousness. A person who believes that the universe is beautiful will have this state of existence proven to him time and time again. Beauty will wait for him as did Yosemite for Ansel Adams, or as the Seine did for Monet. The universe will never disappoint. If you think life sucks, then guess what is waiting for you tomorrow when you get out of bed in the morning?

Or do you believe in the abundance of the universe, or the abundance of consciousness, itself? Perhaps you have experienced what some call “gifts of the spirit.” That would be an inner gift such as intuition or patience, or mindfulness-a quality that will help in the journey to Self. If you are accepting of such things, then you will continue to receive more and more of these gifts.

Do you ever fall into the trap of saying that people don’t treat you well? Do you focus on the cost of living, the high price of housing, the prevalence of crime and poverty? If so, you may have turned this “hard life” into your identity. But you are more than that. The world is more than that. When the world seems to be off course from the way you think God planned it, you only have to do one thing. Get connected to your source. You are not a finite human being whose existence is wiped out when you die. You are consciousness. Connect to that.

If you are connected to your source of being, people will feel connected to you. Strangers will even be warm to you. Your words will have meaning. And as you touch the lives of people they will want to give back, with smiles and warmth. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, Indian, or Japanense. Oneness knows no divisions. It knows only love. You give to life because you are one with life. You give to life with all your heart, mind, and soul, because you know it to be more than skin deep. You are no longer on the surface of things. You are living life at its best.

This is effortless giving. And the more you give, the more the world will give back. This creates a change in consciousness. Your consciousness becomes more attuned to oneness. When that happens, more opportunities arise, more synchronicities happen, and life becomes a rewarding dynamic process.

This all leads to a deep appreciation of life. And when you express appreciation, there is a response. Whether you express it to a person or to the universe, the response will be there.

I know in my life, if someone appreciates something I’ve done, I want to keep doing it for that someone. That is nature. And it operates universally.

As Emerson expressed it in his essay on Behavior, “Nature forever puts a premium on reality. What is done for effect is seen to be done for effect; what is done for love is felt to be done for love. A little integrity is better than any career.” Thus, be true to yourself and nature sees to the rest. It is an abundant universe. And you are part of it. Let your life unfold in the infinite ways that only your Self knows is possible. Be patient. It’s coming.

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  1. Carol
    Posted June 14, 2009 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    Skin is only how thick?? Skin is sooooo thin and beneath that the human body is exactly the same. But, we’re not even the body. We’re the soul. We’re spirits, tiny points of energy. We’ve worn many different costumes, male and female, black, white and all shades of brown. Racism, sexism and all the other isms are totally ridiculous. We are spirits interacting with spirits having an experience within matter. At one time, when souls were pure, matter was also pure, but now it has become impure. It is being made pure once again. Souls have forgotten their innate qualities of purity, peace, happiness, love and power and have been searching outside of themselves to regain what they had lost. Souls are searching in the material world for spiritual qualities which are actually within themselves if they only stopped to notice. It is consciousness of emptiness within souls which is radiating out into the world and causing all the troubles in the world. Everything boils down to attitude and consciousness.
    Take care Greg and don’t give up on writing. The world needs to read your writing.

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